Skin Brightening Act Serum 50ML

Skin Brightening Act Serum 50ML

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Moisturizing, Brightening, Reset Skin Tone, improve complexion, Soften Skin Texture 

FEATURE ' Skin Tone Solution ‘ 

A Four-step brightening solution to reduce and eliminate skin pigmentation 

AS a Skin Tone Reset Serum, it is a hydrating brightening product that can hydrate and brighten from the inside out, with ingredients that remove aging pigment cells and prevent oxidation of the lipid layer. 


•Tranexamic Acid : Tyrosinase inhibitor, directly inhibits skin pigment production 

•Niacinamide : Prevent melanin transfer to keratinocytes, improve skin barrier 

•Ascorbyl Glucoside : A Vitamin C derivative ntackles stressed skin and improves skin tone 

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate : The safest and most expensive fat soluble vitamin C ingredient with a strong antioxidant effect. 

•Betaine: A natural humectant that improves skin's moisture retention and creates a hydrating film . 


-Apply morning and evening after cleansing to prepare skin texture with toner, then gently pat into skin until absorbed. 

-As self-care to improve the complexion, it is applied