Skin Boosting Act Serum 50 ml

Skin Boosting Act Serum 50 ml

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FEATURE ' Derma Tension Solution ' 

A skin energizing serum that everyone can use daily. 

It is an early anti-aging product as a derma tension solution that is effective in reduce wrinkles and elasticity problems caused by dry skin, because it contains peptides that make up essential proteins in the skin core and carnosine that helps with protein binding . 


5 Peptide Complex: Induce the synthesis of collagen, reduce the signs of aging, regenerate skin and keep skin balanced and harmonious. 

Arginine : Boost the skins metabolism and hydrate skin from the inside. 

•Carnosine : Prevent oxidative stress in the skin, help promote collagen. 

Coffee Bean Extract: Protect and regulate skin by getting rid of harmful reactive oxygen species. 


-Use as the first care activating serum after cleansing, gently press the serum along the skin texture from the inside out until completely absorbed, then finish with the cream.