Brighten Liquid (PHA15%) 150ml

Brighten Liquid (PHA15%) 150ml

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What is it: Brightening liquid - it is exfoliator containing 15% PHA ingredient, which removes dead skin cells and moisturize all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Key ingredient:

 1: PHA 15% (polyhydroxy acids) 

      Rejuvenation, Anti-ultraviolet aging

2: Provitamin B5 

       Repair skin berries, improve dryness skin 

3: Centella extract 

      Calming, soothing, improves acne skin 

  Benefit of PHA

    • They're Gentle Giants: PHAs are a lot gentler on the skin because they have a larger molecule size. That means they take a little longer to properly sink in, and they'll never travel quite as deep as a straight-up AHA.
    • Non-irritating: If you have sensitive skin you'll probably be able to apply a PHA with little-to-no stinging or irritation.
    • Keep Skin Moist: PHAs are humectants (meaning they retain moisture reserves) and you definitely have a recipe for the most glowing of complexions.
    • They're Regulating: These acids may be best known for their exfoliation properties, but their real claim to fame should be that they come armed with tons anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
    •  Fight Glycation: PHAs even combat glycation, a process that weakens collagen and elastin in your skin.   

Skin type: All skin Type 

Skincare concerns: Exfoliation, Brightening, skin rejuvenate

Suggested use: Apply Brighten Liquid PHA15 on clean face 2-3 times every 3 minutes to remove dead skin cells. After that, use facial cloth wipes with room temperature water to remove. Follow with serum and lotion.