Blue Energy HD Serum 50ml

Blue Energy HD Serum 50ml

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FEATURE ' Skin Inflammation Solution ' 

A serum that manages and prevents skin troubles . 

It is a product that suppresses inflammatory cells that result from abnormal immune cell responses, promotes the regeneration of damaged cells, and helps maintain the skin's moisture and oil balance for healthy skin. 


Phyto Exosome : A plant stem cell exosome component that inhibits inflammation caused by skin damage. 

Copper Tripeptide-1: A growth factor for skin cells, regenerates damaged skin cells and helps synthesize collagen and balance the dermis. 

•Trehalose : A water bank ingredient that helps retain moisture in the skin. 

•Ceramide NP: An ingredient that improves hydration by trapping moisture in the skin. 


-For oily skin with active sebum secretion, apply all over the face; for complex skin, focus on the T-zone and jawline, where inflammation tends to occur. 

-Be used as a spot product for skin problems caused by physiological periods, wearing masks and septic acne problems,, take about 2 pumps and applying it topically.