Azulene Care Mist
Azulene Care Mist
Azulene Care Mist
Azulene Care Mist
Azulene Care Mist

Azulene Care Mist

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What is Azulene Care MistIt is a fine mist spray which can be quickly absorbed by the skin, take care of the moisture balance, instantly replenish the water and soothe the skin.

Functions: Fine particles supply moisture quickly with mist spray. Instantly moisturizes dry skin from the external environment to improve skin texture. Quickly soothes the red and sensitive skin with a cool feeling of use.


  • Use as a toner after washing your face
  • Use before makeup
  • Use in dry offices at any time
  • Use on dry body parts
  • Use when red skin caused by excessive external activity

    Key Ingredients:

    1. Guaiazulene
    2. Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract
    3. Xylitol
    4. Inula Britannica Flower Extract
    5. Allantoin
    6. ISOV Patent Components (Patent No. 10-2125895)


    Skin Type: For all skin type, especially for dry skin

    Method of Product: 
    Close your eyes and spray it in a circle about 20cm away from your face, then gently pat until absorbed or let dry.